Welcome to My Find a Job in ND Road Trip Blog!

After returning from a recent trip to ND, a friend asked “do you ever think about moving back there?” So that got me thinking. During my long job search, I have said many times I would move just about anywhere, so why not let “anywhere” include ND. Also, I had just been offered a barely-above-minimum wage job, which would not pay the bills here in the Denver metro area! That lit a fire under me! Desperate times call for drastic action! So I did a little research. I knew ND’s unemployment rate was low, but discovered it has THE lowest rate in the nation – somewhere around 3%. WOW!

So after being unemployed for far too long, I have decided to embark on a road trip across the great state of ND in search of employment! I could use some company on my journey, so follow me on my blog and read about my job hunting and travel adventures!

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One Response to Welcome to My Find a Job in ND Road Trip Blog!

  1. Mary McManigle says:

    I wish you God speed in finding a job. I am a fellow former North Dakotan (a little town south of Dickinson called New England) that attends GGCC. I love the sunset picture on your blog, it reminds me of ND sunsets which are unrivaled!! Enjoy your journey and GOOD LUCK!!

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