Ready, Set, Almost Go! EDT – 6:00 am Sunday

Well 6:00 a.m. Sunday morning might be a stretch as I am NOT a morning person, but it’s good to set goals! I picked up my rental car this morning, and there is still a snow scraper in the back seat. I hope that’s not a sign! Can it still snow in ND in May? We have been known to see few snowflakes here in CO in May.

My first stop after a long day of driving is the small town of Linton, N.D., just south of Bismarck, where I have a reservation at Don’s Motel. The person who took my info (Don?) asked me if I was related to the Jager who broke all the speed records. That’s a first. Usually people ask me if I am related to Mick.

After what I hope will be a blissful night of slumber at Don’s, I have several appointments in Bismarck on Monday, including two interviews.  Tuesday I will visit Dickinson. I was emailing one of my ND beekeeper pals about my trip, and he said the oil patch in the west is BOOMING (yes he used all caps) – follow the money. Sage advice.

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One Response to Ready, Set, Almost Go! EDT – 6:00 am Sunday

  1. Andrea Heshmati says:


    I am totally confident you will have a wonderfully restful night, and be raring to get to those interviews. Anyone who puts there name on the hotel sign (ie…Don) must have a comfortable bed for the weary. Godspeed!

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