Cows and Buffaloes and Turkeys (?). Oh My!

Greetings from Linton ND! Since my “Girl On a Budget” cash flow doesn’t allow for a laptop, I am at the little town of Linton’s library, which also houses the Town Hall, Police Department, etc., etc.

This will be a quick post as I must hit the road for Bismarck shortly! Yesterday’s drive was long and fairly uneventful.

Sunday May 8: Any of you who have driven through parts of eastern Wyoming and western South Dakota know it is sparsely populated and sometimes rather desolate! Cows in the field seem to outnumber the cars on the road. My first pit stop is Lusk WY, where I am thrilled to see a large bin of Nut Goodie candy bars inside the gas station. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them outside of ND or MN! Of course I must buy one – tasty road snacks are essential on any long road trip!                                                                                      

I get a bit turned around in the Black Hills and end up taking an unplanned scenic route. It seems as if every Ma and Pa Kettle is out for a leisurely Mother’s Day Sunday drive. After making my way through the winding Black Hills maze, I power through SD and have the road to myself again! I see quite a few herds of buffalo grazing on the prairie and an occasional old, white prairie church. I love the sight of a pretty country church!

One of my pit stops is Eagle Butte SD, where I encounter the highest gas prices – $3.99 per gallon! Throughout the day I have been texting my Dad and my sister my progress. My Dad (whose text tag line is Fast Eddie) updates me on all the area weather conditions and informs me I might encounter some severe weather. Thanks Pops!

In both North and South Dakota I see lots of large birds with red markings around their throats! Turkeys? Pheasants? I’m not sure! I nearly run over a couple of them! As nightfall approaches, I see lightening off in the horizon, making me more anxious to get to my destination. When I travel alone, I like to find myself what I call a road buddy – someone driving at a respectable speed who I can travel behind, making me feel like I have some company. My road buddy for quite some time has been a large Wal Mart semi truck!

I pass through Strasburg ND – home town of Lawrence Welk. Every time I drive through Strasburg I want to stop and visit his museum, but I never seem to have time, and today is no exception.! I finally reach Linton, and find Don’s Motel (good-bye road buddy!). Don is a friendly guy, and asks where I am headed. I tell him about my adventure, mentioning the country’s high unemployment rate. Don says “well we don’t have that problem here!” I hope you’re right Don!


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One Response to Cows and Buffaloes and Turkeys (?). Oh My!

  1. Amanda says:

    Good Luck Lisa! This sounds like so much fun. Road trips are great!!!

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