Dontcha Know!

Wed. May, 11 2011: Actually as I write this it’s Thursday, but I am going to write about Wed. I am at the Grand Forks ND Public Library, which I think is the fourth ND library I have visited. Lack of sleep, a hectic pace and long hours of driving are starting to take their toll, and I am feeling rather exhausted and bleary-eyed. So I’m not sure if this blog will be up to par!

Wednesday morning I finally get a chance to catch my breath a bit. Eva and her husband leave in the a.m. to go to work, leaving just me and Chloe the dog home alone. Chloe is a very affectionate, rambunctious Brittany Spaniel. She is in her kennel near the kitchen, and looks at me with mournful eyes as I get ready for the day, maybe hoping for a doggie biscuit or a scratch on the head, which I give her every so often.

I head to a lunch appointment at Doolittles, a local restaurant. I scan the menu and see a Walleye sandwich, something you usually don’t see on a restaurant menu outside of ND and MN. I decide to order it (when in Rome….). Although I am not disappointed, it’s not nearly as good as the fresh fish my brother Mike caught and cooked during a recent visit to my home town of Devils Lake ND!

I mentioned in a recent post that as you drive from west to east in ND, the terrain becomes increasingly flat. Another change that occurs is that the ND accent becomes increasingly pronounced. For you Nodak natives who don’t think you have an accent, don’t get your panties in a bunch. Remember I’m a Nodak too!

When I first moved to CO from ND after graduating from the Univ. of ND, people constantly asked me, where are you from? With the emphasis on the “from.” I would look at them in puzzlement, and ask “What do you mean? They would say something like “You have a funny accent. Are you from MN or Canada or something.” I would think to myself “What?! Me! I don’t have an accent” and later hmmpfff in indignation!

After being in CO for some time, I returned to ND for a visit. After a bit, I thought, some of these people DO have an accent, which means so do I! At the time, being young an ignorant, I returned to CO determined to rid myself of any type of accent. Looking back, I wonder what I sounded like. Ridiculous no doubt! A Valley Girl maybe? They were in vogue back then!

I think accents are charming and endearing, So Nodaks be proud of your accent! Embrace it! En route to ND, I listened to “Confessions of a Shopaholic” by Sophie Kinsella. For those not familiar with the book, it’s about an out-of-control shopping, 20-something British girl. I loved the English reader’s accent and all the English lingo – Mum, shag, CV, etc.!

Well dontchya  know blog readers, it’s time to wrap up and blow this pop stand and move on to the next stop!


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2 Responses to Dontcha Know!

  1. Mary McManigle says:

    I went from New England, N.D. to Tempe, AZ for college. I got the exact same comments, where ARE you from? I absolutely did not realize I had an accent. Other than how I say out and about now, I’ve pretty much lost it until I get on the phone with a friend and boy it only takes a few minutes for it to crop back up. My Colorado born kids look at me like I’ve lost it when I start talking that way!!

  2. ljager1 says:

    Mary – thanks for your comments about my blog! It’s been so much fun to write! After spending a week in ND, I most definitely found myself speaking NoDak again! 🙂

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