Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog

Sunday, May 22: For a variety of reasons, I have decided to embark on another road trip back to ND in search of work. My goal this time is to indeed not leave the state until I have found employment!

I decide to take a different route to ND this time, similar to the route I took on my way back from my last trip. I leave my apartment Sunday am and head north on I-25. After surviving the non-event Judgement Day Rapture, I decide it couldn’t hurt to listen to some Christian radio for a little Church in the Car.

Once I head east on I-76 toward Nebraska. I call my sis Julie to fill her in on my latest adventure. She is having an adventure of her own, as she is going to be her own business person. Julie has been a hairstylist at the same shop for many years (remember the blue-haired, walker crowd blog?) and is now venturing out on her own! So anyone looking for a fabulous, talented, experienced hair stylist, go see my sis in GF ND!

After a nice chat with my sis (sorry no-phone-zone Oprah), and listening to the final book-on-tape CD I didn’t finish on my last trip (“The Crowning Glory of Calla Lilly Ponder” by Rebecca Wells), I decide to listen to some local radio.

This is another thing I like to do on road trips – check out the local radio stations, especially ones in rural America. They definitely are evocative of small-town living, with news reports about Bingo times at the local Senior Center and what’s currently in the Lost and Found at the police station or community center. As I pass through Ogallala (say that three times fast!) NE, a local station informs me about a Combine Derby next Sunday. I’ve never been to one, but think it would be a hoot!

At North Platte NE, I head north on Highway 83.  I am reminded of the movie “About Schmidt” starring Jack Nicholson, which was on TV the night I returned from my last trip via North Platte. If you’ve seen the movie, you know it’s about a recently retired Nebraska business man, whose wife suddenly dies. At a loss with what to do with himself, he embarks on a road trip to visit his daughter in Denver, and makes various stops in NE, including North Platte.

Eventually I cross into a remote part of SD, where radio station reception is limited. I settle on the one clear station and am intrigued by the DJ’s accent, which I can’t quite place. Have I stumbled on  a dialect unique to this SD locale? After awhile, I decide the DJ sounds like a Cajun Wolfman Jack. This Wolfman Wanna-Be plays a bunch of great old 70s tunes. He announces the song “Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog” and I began to sing along. “Joy to the world. All the boys and girls now. Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea. Joy to you and me.” Suddenly, I see something out of the corner of my eye that catches my attention. It’s a field full of turkeys – big fat turkeys in all their feathered glory, looking like they are ready to meet their demise for someone’s TDay dinner.

Next I see the most awesome long row of Lilacs in all different colors – purple, white and pink. It’s absolutely stunning. I have seen many lovely lilac bushes in my travels in recent weeks, but this display is something else. I absolutely adore lilacs, and can’t get enough of their color and sweet scent during their short season!

Eventually the SD DJ Wolfman fades away and I reach my destination for the night – Murdo SD.


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