Friday, May 27, 2011 It’s almost 4:00 pm on Friday afternoon, which means I have one hour left to meet my goal of finding a job this week. So perhaps trying to find a job in four days was a tad overly ambitious! I am probably the only American wishing it wasn’t a three-day weekend, so I could move on with the job hunting process come Monday morning!

I have had a couple of interviews, an informational interview and set up yet another interview, so the week wasn’t a wash. If you are wondering why I don’t post more info about my interviews, it seems right to keep it private. And being new to the blogosphere, I am still learning proper blog etiquette!

It has been fun staying with Uncle Steve and his wife Barb. So why not Aunt Barb? Well first off, my Uncle Steve is only a few years older than I am, so he really is more like a cousin! In fact, he and my Sis and I were roommates one summer during our college years. So although Barb is technically an Aunt by marriage, because she is so young, it just doesn’t seem right to call her that!

So thank you Uncle Steve for feeding me and giving me a roof over my head this week! And for listening to my job hunting news and offering advice. And, most important of all, watching the DWTS finale with me. Although Steve claims he doesn’t watch this show, he sure seemed to know all the contestant’s names!

Continuing my trend of visiting local libraries, I did check out the Jamestown Library, located just off Main Street in a gorgeous, old historic building.  I also made a trip back to a Fargo Public Library. Maybe I need to contact all the small town libraries and bakeries on the Northern Plains and ask them to sponsor me to travel around the country and write about them in my blog. It would be good PR for them!

Seriously there has got to be money made in writing a blog. Of course, some people who write blogs eventually write a book and at least one, who wrote “Julie and Julia,” was lucky enough to have it made into a movie. Wouldn’t that be fabulous! I could write a book from my blogs, something along the style of Garrison Keillor or Fannie Flagg. What would be the title: “A ND Girl’s Observations from the Road.” That’s not very catchy. More importantly, which actress would play me in the movie version? I think Jennifer Aniston. Renee Zellweger? And what about my love interest? Of course I don’t really have one right now, but, after all, movies never completely follow the book! I guess I better work on that book first, before I daydream about a movie!

I don’t have any particularly amusing stories or observations to share from the past few days! I wish everyone a relaxing or fun-filled weekend! What ever floats your boat (which you might need in some parts around the Dakotas!)


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