June 23, 2011: $4.59. That is the current balance in my checking account. Yep. That’s it! That amount, along with about $15 in available credit on a credit card and any loose change or dollars I can find in my apartment or car, is all the money at my disposal today. And that is a scary thought with rent and other bills due late next week!

So how and why did I get in his predicament? Well up until a month ago, I was collecting unemployment, which was just barely enough to scrape by. I was extremely fortunate and grateful to have collected unemployment for a very long time, so I wasn’t surprised when it finally ended. I just never dreamed in a million years that when it did I still would not have a job!

When I needed additional money for other expenses, car repairs, a doctor’s appointment, etc., I would raid retirement plans available to me via former employers. And of course several job seeking road trips to ND cost some money! And when I embarked on that journey, I felt with such certainty that it would result in a job!

So here I am on Thursday, June 23, with roughly $20 to my name. I think I had more money when I was 10 years old collecting my 50 cents a week allowance! And I know my 13-year old entrepreneurial niece has more money than me!

Those of you following my blog know that I returned last week from yet another job hunting road trip to ND. My last blog was titled “Why Not Minot.” Yes, the same city that is now suffering from historic, horrific flooding. It’s hard to believe I was just there last week, driving down the very same streets now pictured on the news covered in water! I wonder if the building where my interview was held is still intact? I feel so badly for that community! A segment on the flood on the Today show depicted the rising waters and showed the mayor of Minot fighting back tears . It did warm my heart just a bit when it was reported that all the animals in the zoo had been moved out of harm’s way! My heartfelt prayers go out to the Minot community and others in ND and the rest of the U.S. being affected by this devastating flooding!

So although I am unemployed and broke, at least I still have roof over my head – a dry, intact place to live that isn’t in imminent danger of being ruined by any natural disasters!

Now it’s time to go check all my coat pockets for any stray dollars, and then hit the pavement and the Internet AGAIN in hopes of finding A job, ANY job!!

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