Not Wanted: Stellar Star Unemployed Workers!

Augu. 3, 2011: I’ve always been a stargazer. When I was a  little girl I always looked for the Big Dipper hovering above the northwest side of our house in ND as you walked up the sidewalk. I looked for it every night. I used to look up descriptions of stars and constellations in our set of encyclopedias. These books were purchased in the early 1960s by my parents, and at the time met my young research needs. However, my parents still have them. In fact Pops/Fast Eddie still digs them out when he wants some information on a subject. Needless to say, he will find that Pluto is still classified as a planet!

To this day, I search the sky for the Big Dipper wherever I travel. I also look for Orion the Hunter and Leo the Lion. I was thrilled many years ago when I traveled to Australia, where the Southern Hemisphere skies contain some different constellations, such as the Southern Cross.

So what do stars and constellations have to do with job hunting? While I was sitting on my patio at dusk on a recent evening watching the first stars begin to twinkle, I was thinking over the events of the day and was still miffed about recent articles reporting some employers are specifically or in a subtle way saying “the unemployed need not apply.” I recently came across just that in a position description, in which I met nearly all the criteria except for “Applicants must have a minimum of 18 months in current position, and a solid/satisfactory or above performance rating.” What?! Are you kidding me? I have stellar experience and skills specific to this position, an outstanding, long-term reputation in my industry, fabulous references, long-term employment in several positions, but you won’t even consider me because I am currently not employed! What?! How does that make sense!? It makes even less sense when you consider the incredibly high national unemployment rate and an economy that well, quite frankly, sucks!

It seems to me that these employers should do their part in assisting in decreasing the unemployment rate by seeking out the unemployed, or, at the very least, considering them. They certainly should not rule them out entirely! It seems nonsensical and even mean-spirited to specifically rule them out! It’s as if these employers view the unemployed as workers whose star power has started to dim or fade. I think in some ways quite the opposite is true. In the job seeking groups I attend, I have met many extremely talented and highly capable workers (shining stars!) from all types of fields, who are so very eager to work. Many of them volunteer, work part-time, and take classes and workshops to stay abreast of the latest work skills in their field. You can’t tell me these people are any less qualified or employable than the currently employed. In fact, I would bet money that they would be the most ambitious, hardworking, dedicated employees you could hire!

So employers – listen up! We are employable. Very much so! I absolutely guarantee we would be a highly valuable, extraordinary, beneficial addition to any team of company constellations.

Lisa Jager, Professional, Talented Job Seeker!

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2 Responses to Not Wanted: Stellar Star Unemployed Workers!

  1. Gloirianna says:

    I agree with you entirely! I am finding that employers are also further harming the comony by attempting to “hire” people and call it “Unpaid Internship.” This is bogus. These quote, unquote internships are very much entry level Coordinator-type positions that demand attention to detail, drafting, writing, proof reading, relationship and communication skills, time management, professionalism and more, yet they try to beat around the bush of the IRS and unemployment insurance and call it an internship. I myself have boycotted even applying for these positions, and am doing my best to be an advocate to other students and entry level PR professionals entering the market. If we keep applying and taking these unpaid positions, well, employers will keep taking advantage and keep doing this.
    Sorry for the rant, but I feel your frustration at the opposite end of the spectrum, the entry level pro who can’t find a paying position.

    • ljager1 says:

      I agree with you as well Glorianna! Some internships are legit, but many are bogus! And it’s okay to rant! Being unemployed can be an extremely frustrating experience! Good luck to you in your search. If you would like regular blog updates, you can subscribe on the right side of the screen blog! Thanks for reading! 🙂 Lisa

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