Quit Yankin’ My Chain: Unemployment Benefits – Yes or No?

Sat., Aug. 27, 2011: A few posts back I described the elation and incredible relief I felt when I thought my unemployment insurance benefits were being temporarily restored. It appears that might not be the case after all. Right now I am in a holding pattern, waiting for a final decision regarding benefits, however, it’s not looking good. I won’t bore you with all the niggly government-speak details, but needless to say I am extremely disappointed, deflated and, well, sad, and back to being scared again.

Six letters in two days with conflicting info re benefits.

However, even if you are lucky enough to collect unemployment, for most people, it’s still not enough money to pay the regular monthly bills. Plus there are always additional expenses, such as a new radiator for the car or the traffic ticket I got a while back (supposed rolling stop caught by a traffic camera). Luckily (fingers crossed) I haven’t had any major medical or dental issues. I haven’t had health insurance for more than two years! What I just described is not at all unusual. In job groups, you also hear stories of bankruptcy and foreclosure and more.

Life can be a roller coaster ride. Anticipation. Ups and downs. Highs and lows. Twists and turns. Exhilaration and fear. Unemployment is certainly all of that. Unemployment can also be a steady ride – a steady ride of worry that’s hard to shake completely, even when you’re having a good time. When I recently went back home to North Dakota for my Grandmother’s 100th birthday party, I very much enjoyed spending time with my family. Yet the job and money worries were still always in the back of my head. An underlying current eating away at you, whether you want it to or not.

A woman who runs a job networking group I attend says she is surprised depression and suicide aren’t more pervasive among the unemployed. I think she’s wrong. I’m sure there are some statistics out there to prove it.

And yet to have to keep going. It can be very difficult after two years to keep networking and applying for jobs and going to job hunting seminars and building your LinkedIn network, etc., etc., when the result is the same: no job. It’s hard to get excited about trying to write a killer cover letter when chances are you won’t even get any kind of response back. Another long-term unemployed friend of mine recently said, I’ve got to start doing something different, because what I’ve been doing isn’t working. Maybe it’s time for me to do that as well.

Lisa, Talented and Professional (and sometimes frustrated) Job Seeker

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One Response to Quit Yankin’ My Chain: Unemployment Benefits – Yes or No?

  1. I can very much relate to the monotony of writing applications and trying to be enthusiastic when you don’t think anyone will read it. I was broken by the end of this week. I also recognise that underlying, niggle of worry that won’t go away even when friends are treating you to a night out. And it’s fascinating – and sad – to see that bureacracy is the same the world over. Sadly, they don’t want to provide benefits because that makes us an official statistic which doesn’t look good and, here in the UK, they find ways to stop paying. Unemployment is the same for everyone. I hope there are some jobs out there for us needing them soon. Good luck!

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