Laboring on Labor Day

Sat., Sept 3:  When I was gainfully employed in my field in an 8-5, 40 hour a week job, I always looked forward with great pleasure to the three-day holiday weekends. The anticipation of that extra bonus day on the weekend made me and my co-workers practically giddy, and that sentiment is reflected on the posts of many Facebook friends this week.

I, on the other hand, after being out of work for so very long and having so many money worries, am thrilled to be working this weekend! A few posts back I said I would be willing to try a job that required me to stand on my feet. Well I got my wish. For the last eight days or so I have been demo’ing products, as in dips, at a local Sam’s Clubs. They are actually quite yummy, and most people who try them love them, so it’s an easy sell. So I went from hawking hams in Ham Land at a local grocery store during the last Christmas and Easter seasons to schlepping dips at Sams. The grocery store people referred to me as the ham lady, so now I am the dip lady – not sure which sounds better – neither really!

Earlier this week I received a panicked call from a friend, who has her own one-person marketing communications firm. Unfortunately just the day before there was a sudden, unexpected death in her family, and she was in desperate need for assistance with a writing project. So I jumped right in to help, and for the last few days have been working on the project. Although the circumstances are very tragic, it feels good to be back in my game. I love writing my blog, but this project is a bit different, and the blog doesn’t pay the bills. I feel guilty taking money under such sad circumstances, however, as another friend said to me, this is your way to helping her out during this difficult time.

In my last post, I wrote about the roller coaster ride I was experiencing regarding unemployment benefits. This week I tried many times to contact the unemployment office. Of course I was met with the usual busy signal or “sorry all our smug, employed people are busy helping all the other lazy, down-on-your luck unemployed slugs, try again later, click.” (Yes I have had some not so pleasant experiences with some UIB workers!) Finally on Friday after 25 minutes on hold I spoke to an actual, live warm body. It appears I may get the benefits after all, but I will believe it when I see the dollars in my bank account!.

As previously reported, Noisy Neighbor Girl has been a thorn in my side for quite some time. It appears I was not the only one feeling that way, and she finally got the boot, as an evicted. I hate to see anyone go through that, but the girl had multiple warning and chances. My deepest sympathy to whoever is her unfortunate new neighbor. They need to get the landlord or apartment management AND the cops on their speed dial! I, on the other hand, am positively thrilled to have some peace and quiet and a return to a normal blood pressure level!

If you are fortunate to a three-day weekend, good for you! Enjoy! I’m off to face the masses and schlep more dips!

Lisa (Talented and Professional Job Seeker and the Dip Lady)

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