Get Me To The Interview On Time

Thurs., Sept. 29, 2011: This blog title is play on the song “Get Me To The Church On Time.” Although I am aware there is a song by that title, I googled it and learned it is a song from the musical play “My Fair Lady.” Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about it.

“It is sung by the cockney character Alfred P. Doolittle, a dustman (what is a dustman?), the father of the show’s main character Eliza Doolittle. He has received a surprise bequest of four thousand pounds a year from an American millionaire, raising him to middle-class respectability. Consequently he feels he must marry Eliza’s “stepmother”, the woman he has been “living in sin” with for many years. Doolittle and his friends have one last spree before the wedding and the song is a plea to his friends not to let his drunken merriment forget his good intentions and make sure he gets to his wedding.”

The play is set I believe around 1900 (?), so 4,000 pounds converted to dollars calculated in today’s value would be a heck of a lot more. Marry somebody for money – why not!!

Anyway I digress. In my last post I wrote about my cat Cinder passing away unexpectedly over the weekend. Apparently she was still weighing heavily on my mind when I showed up Tues. at 9:30 am for a video conference interview with an organization in another state. I had made arrangements for the interview at a market research firm that also provided video conferencing services. The firm was located in a suburb about 25 miles from my apartment. I arrived about 15 minutes early, and the firm’s door was locked. I rang the buzzer repeatedly, called my contact at the firm, but no response. Did I get the day wrong? I called my contact at the potential employer, and when she answered the phone right away, I knew I did indeed have the day wrong. The interview was the next day at 9:30 am. Ooops – that probably did not make the best impression!

The good news is that the delay gave me more time for interview preparation and to get a much-needed hair cut! Since traffic had been a bit backed up the day before, I listened to the traffic reports on the news as I was getting ready on Wed., as I had to take two different highways that were notorious for rush hour back ups! I didn’t hear anything that caused too much concern, but nonetheless I left early to ensure I was on time! When I got in my car, I turned on a local am radio station that issues traffic reports every 10 minutes. The announcer said “traffic is beginning to back up on 225 due to a large sheet of glass that fell off a truck covering all lanes with shattered glass. Traffic is creeping by on the highway shoulder.” Damn!!! I tried to think of a good alternative route. I used to live in that suburb years ago, but my memory was hazy re: the local roads.

When I got on 225, traffic was buzzing along just fine, so maybe this wouldn’t be a problem. Maybe the glass had been cleared away already. But no such luck. Slowly traffic came to a standstill. Damn again! I called my potential employer contact and told her the situation. I must have sounded a little harried because she said “take a deep breath, and we will just sit tight til you get there.” So probably not my best demonstration of staying calm under pressure. Was that listed in the job requirements?! Around 9:15 I was finally able to creep off the highway to a local road and decided to wing it, as I really had no other choice! It had probably been 20 years since I’ve traversed this part of town, but my memory of the area returned and I found my way to the firm. As I parked my car, I said calming thoughts and a little prayer that the interview would go well in spite of the rocky start!

As I entered the video conference room, the two interviewers were already plugged into the call and on the TV screen. I took (another) deep breath, sat down, made my apologies and away we went. All in all the interview seemed to go fairly well. Wish me luck that I make it to the next cut.

Lisa, Talented and Professional (and calm under pressure)              Job Seeker

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