Just Do It

Fri., Oct. 21, 2011: I was toiling at my dip schlepping stand at Sam’s Club one day this week when I took a break for lunch. Sam’s has very limited, but incredibly inexpensive options for lunch. You can get a large soda (pop for you Nodaks!) and a ginourmous hot dog for $1.50, or a an equally ginormous piece of pizza and soda for $2.25. The pizza is extremely greasy, and I actually take a napkin and try to mop some of it up. It certainly is not the most delicious pizza in the world, but it’ll do in a pinch! I decide it has some redeeming value because it has red peppers and onions on it, so at least I’m getting some veggies ! Still it must be about 800 calories. http://www.livestrong.com/thedailyplate/nutrition-calories/food/sams-club/three-meat-pizza-cafe-slice/ However, once again I justify it because I have to stand on my feet for six hours (in a ridiculous chef’s hat that elicits at least one sarcastic comment every shift!) Trust me. This is not the first time I have justified a bad food choice – I do it way too often!

In fact, a very long string of bad food choices, along with an also extended string of inactivity duing this excruciating long bout of unemployment has led to, you guessed it, a few extra pounds. Okay maybe more than a few. Now common sense would dictate that with extra time on my hands, I would have more time to work out. And in the beginning that was true. When I was living in Wisconsin after I first got laid off, I was still taking a daily walk around the one-plus mile lake path behind my lovely, quaint Victorian home apartment. Oh it was pretty! Both the apartment and the lake, which was surrounded by large, absolutely devinely ornate and well-preserved Victorian homes. During my walks, I would try to figure out which one was my favorite, and there were simply too many from which to choose!

When I moved back to Colorado, in spite of my tight budget, I joined a local YMCA and actually stepped up my workout activity. I power walked the track, treaded the treadmill, took a few step classes and did weight training (did I really do all that?!) However, then I started having trouble with my foot, and I slowly quit working out. I eventually dropped the Y membership due to lack of use and increasingly tightening finances.

I am a girl who religiously exercised for many years! I walked. I hiked. I treadmilled. I biked, I aerobicized in all forms. I ran. I swam. I ran 5 Ks. I even once did a Sprint triathlon! Not that many years ago, I worked with a personal trainer, the exotic and uber fit Krisztina, who taught me the joys of weight training – and inflicted a little pain in the process!

However, here I am today – chunky and sadly out of shape – neither of which bodes well for job hunting. Exercise is so good for both the mind and the soul – whether you are employed or not! And a negative self image dampens your job seeking confidence. And limits your interveiw attire options!

After I ate the greasy, cheese-laden, borderline tasty pizza, I was walking back to my dip schlepping post when something caught my eye at the end of the pet aisle.  It was a pet toy called Auto Laser Toy, a device you set on

Auto Laser Pet Toy

the floor where it emits beams of light for your pet to chase. How lazy of a society have we become if we can’t throw a few balls to Fido the Dog or tantalize Fluffy the Cat with some toy mice! My cat Jenni loves to chase little bouncy balls when I throw them from one end of my apartment to the other. Of course this requires some effort from me. However, after both a body and mind draining dip schlepping stint, all I want to do is sit on the couch (with my bad food choices) and watch my Poor

Please play with me!

Girl’s Cable extremely limited channel selections. Jenni is lucky if, from my couch post, I feebily wave around one of those cat toy sticks with a string and little fishy or feather on the end!

However, it’s time to get off the couch. and get moving. As I said, exercise is so very important for both your physical and mental health. Many of you might remember the Nike ad campaign – Just Do It! I just love that motto. I am prone to over thinking and analyzing too many things. And Just Do It sums it up in a very succinct and to-the-point short, three words. So after I post this blog, I’m going to Just Do It and go for a power walk on this beautiful, sunny fall day!

Lisa, Talented (and ready to get back in shape) Professional Job Seeker

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