I Got a Rock – Tales of a Job Hunting Coloradan

Friday, Oct. 28, 2011: Last night, while resting my sore feet after a long day of toiling on my tootsies at a part-time job, I was surfing my Poor Girl’s Economy Cable 10-channel line up (not counting multiple HSN channels), when I stumbled upon “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” Halloween special. I absolutely adore all the Charlie Brown specials, which on DVD you can now watch 365 days of the year. However when I was a kid you eagerly awaited with anticipation each year the airing of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” special, along with “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and “Frosty the Snowman,” all of which I now have on DVD.

So with kit cat Jenni perched at the end of the couch and a hot bowl of spicy chili made during the previous day’s first major snowfall, I watched the Peanuts gang trick or treat. After each stop, with the rest of the gang cheering about their candy loot, Charlie Brown says in a glum voice “I got a rock.” This happens repeatedly with Chuck’s voice sounding sadder and more resigned with each rock.

I couldn’t help but think that this is how I often feel about my job hunt and the state of my career. After numerous, numerous (no that’s not a typo!) job applying, resume sending, interviewing, networking, LinkedIn-ing, job grouping, etc., etc., I have come up with rocks, as in multiple, low-paying. part-time jobs and no career job offers, which can make one feel like Charlie Brown’s ghost costume – a white sheet riddled with holes.

That being said I do feel fortunate to have enjoyed a long, successful, gratifying career in public relations. I shot rather rapidly up the ladder at a very young age. My first job out of college was a communications assistant position with a Denver-based international marketing association. Within only a few years, and at the ripe old age of 25, I was named the director of communications. I traveled throughout the U.S. and the world including points in Europe and Asia. I went on to hold similar positions with other organizations in both Denver and Washington, D.C., where I always made positive and meaningful changes and improvements and introduced new and innovate, and successful, programs and activities.

Some of my blog readers, and fellow job seekers, have said they admire my positive outlook, which trust me is not necessarily positive 24-7! So what keeps me going? In many ways, precisely what I just described. I have excellent experience and skills. I AM talented and have much to offer. At the end of my job application cover letters, I often say “my skills and experience would make me a valuable asset to your team.” And I believe that with all my heart.

Blogging also keeps me going. I am having an absolute blast and get so much satisfaction writing this blog. It’s just plain fun to finally write in a more creative voice after so many years of writing press releases, newsletters, brochure copy, etc. Don’t get wrong. I enjoyed that as well. It’s also rewarding to learn about the blogging world, along with other social media tools. I have to credit author and social media expert David Meerman Scott http://www.davidmeermanscott.com/for providing me with the education and impetus to initially begin writing this blog and using other social media. For a great overview of social media tools, I highly recommend his book “The New Rules of Marketing & PR.”

To date, after approximately five months of blogging, I recently reached more than 3,000 views on my blog, and one recent post set a record 300-plus views. Some might not consider these such a large numbers, however they make me happy. And I continue to explore avenues to promote and market my blog in the blogospher. The feedback I have received from my blog readers has been overwhelmingly positive and complimentary, which also provides a much needed boost of spirits and helps keep going.

I am tweeting as well, which provides another fun and satisfying outlet. You can view my tweets on the right lower side of this blog or you can go to http://twitter.com/#!/ljager1 where I periodically tweet a word of the day with a brief definition and use in a sentence, usually related to a current event, such as the Michael Jackson trial or the disappearance to baby Lisa. This method of tweeting is a great fit for me, as I truly am a word nerd!

After the Peanuts gang Halloween special ended, and Linus lamented once again about not being able to stay awake long enough to see the The Great Pumpkin rise, I caught the exciting and nail-biting end of Game Six in the world series and watched the tenacious St. Louis Cardinals (so that’s where former Rockies player Matt Holliday ended up) win the game! Tenacious. That is what one needs to be in job hunting. Webster’s defines tenacious as “not easily being pulled apart.” Persistence in maintaining or adhering to something valued.” And there you go. A new word for my next Tweet!

Lisa, Talented and Tenacious Job Seeker!

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2 Responses to I Got a Rock – Tales of a Job Hunting Coloradan

  1. I enjoyed reading this five years after you wrote it, because I get to see how the story is turning out … your great job … in a great place … and all the adventures that you are having. I’m happy for you. And, I’m happy that, as an old high-school friend and fellow word-nerd, the Internet has allowed me to swing back into your orbit.

    • ljager1 says:

      Thank you so much Jackie! I am happy as well that we have re-connected, and that we share our love of words and blogging! And to find a fellow Dorothy Parker fan is thrilling!

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