I’m a Woman of Means by No Means

Feb. 11, 2012: Wow! I can’t believe it’s been more than a month since my last post! I don’t know if any of you missed my posts, but I sorely missed writing them! Sorely turns out to be an apt word to describe life since my last post! Even though I know what sorely means, I had to look it up in the dictionary. I love looking up words, even when I know, or think I know the meaning. Usually it’s because I want to know precisely what it means, and if it’s just the right word to use in a particular sentence. Plus I get a little thrill out of cracking open the dictionary and looking up words. I’m not kidding when I call myself a word nerd!

So good old Webster’s says sorely means painfully, very or extremely. The end of December and most of January were painful in several ways. The horrendous coughing mentioned in my last blog went on and on and ON, until I thought I might go more than just a bit mad! I cursed (in between coughing fits)  profusely, and sometimes silently! However I found my vocabulary of swear words not wide or adequate enough to fully express the frustration and misery I was feeling! I also missed almost the entire last week of my Ham Chick gig at Ham Land https://jobhuntingwordnerd.wordpress.com/2011/12/17/hey-ham-chick-adventures-of-an-underemployed-pr-girl/  – 50 plus hours of much-needed income! Needless to say job hunting was difficult because my sickness had zapped all the energy out of me. I also almost completely lost my voice, and even when I could talk I sounded like a gnarly, gravel-voiced, chain-smoking truck driver! Who would invite such a voice for an interview?! Well maybe a truck driving company! Even if someone hard of hearing asked for an interview, I knew I couldn’t talk my way through it without completely hacking my head off!

I’m happy to report even though I am still coughing a bit, it’s subsided dramatically, and I’ve been back in the business of job hunting. However, now I’m in a bit of a pickle – make that a giant, bumpy kosher dill pickle! It’s finally happened, as it has to many, MANY out-of-work Americans, I’m finally out of money. I’ve probably been able to last a lot longer than most – having collected unemployment for a long time, working my Ham Land and dip schlepping gigs and some freelance work. So with little other choice in order to pay some overdue bills, keep the lights on and my apartment warmed – if you can call it that – to the now 58 degree setting, and Ramen Noodles on the table, I had to break down and ask for money. (My dear sweet sis sent me some money without asking, and another dear friend brought me a big bag of food – bless you all!) I’ve really never had to ask for money before, as for most of my adult life I’ve enjoyed a successful career in PR. I’ve traveled the country and the world, been a home owner and enjoyed a very comfortable financial existence. Maybe that’s why I found making these fund requests so extremely difficult and uncomfortable. The first person I approached – I’ll call them a frelative (friend/relative), spewed a laundry list of “whys” and “shoulds” as in why haven’t you done this, and why haven’t you done that, and you should do this, and you should do that. All of these whys and shoulds were related to job hunting and finances and other related decisions, and all of them, without going into the specifics, were completely out of touch with the current economic and employment situation in our country! Honestly, even though I’m sure this person didn’t intend for me to feel this way, I felt a little like a drug addict asking for crack money! However, I’m happy to report other frelatives have been generous – minus the Spanish inquisition – and I ever so grateful and appreciative!  And as the job hunt continues, I am making other changes in my life to lessen my financial burden.

My longtime readers know I started writing this blog during road trips back to my home state of ND in search of employment. Since I don’t have a laptop, I often stopped at libraries along the way to write and post blogs – and just because I like libraries!https://jobhuntingwordnerd.wordpress.com/2011/05/25/welcome-to-my-nightmare/  However, I think this is the first blog I’ve written from a library in my home state. I’m at the Southglenn Library in Centennial CO. The library is only a couple of years old and has a large bank of new, really zippy computers – making writing this blog a much easier process than on my Model T Ford computer at home!

So it’s time to head home, and on the way out I’ll pick up something new to read and maybe a movie or two because, of course, they are FREE – my favorite word these days! I love the sign posted behind me by the printer – “Love a good book in February. There is no mistaking a real book when one meets it. It is like falling in love.”

Next up – my take on Republic Presidential candidate’s “he’s not very concerned about the very poor” comment.

Lisa, Talented and Professional (and mostly healthy again) Job Seeker

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2 Responses to I’m a Woman of Means by No Means

  1. Sorry to hear things took a turn for the worse. I think our combined blogs show the realities of unemployment for workers across the UK and US – and beyond. The emotions, panic, self-blame, platitudes and relentless job-hunting are identical. I’ve also heard “something will turn up” so many times I want to scream, attended training for a pretend opportunity to start-up a business (the idea of our current government) and been made to feel I should be finding a job easily despite unemployment here being the highest it’s been in 16 years.
    There is no break in the search and the misery of it but we can give ourselves a brak and recognise unemployed workers across the world are sharing the same experience through no fault of their own.
    I hope you keep writing!

    • ljager1 says:

      I agree! Things are looking up a bit. I may have a couple of part time jobs starting next week. But I still need to move – simply can’t afford the the apartment any more! I’m worried my bad credit (from being out of work) might prevent me from getting one of the jobs. I don’t know about the UK, but in the US credit checks are now common when applying for many jobs, which puts the long term unemployed at such a disadvantage!!

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