The Rich and The Poor: Strange Bedfellows Mr. Romney

Feb. 20, 2012: Dear Republican Presidential Candidate Mr. Mitt Romney:I’m behind the game on putting in my two cents worth about your “not concerned about the very poor” comment. However, it’s President’s Day, so actually it’s just the day to do it! So before I began, let’s see just what you said earlier this month.

“I’m not concerned about the very poor. There’s a safety net there, and if it needs repair I’ll fix it. I’m not concerned about the very rich, they’re doing just fine. I’m concerned about the heart of America, the 95% of Americans who are right now struggling.”

You see Mr. Romney, the reason I’m behind on my two cents worth is that I am one of the many long-term unemployed Americans trying to make ends meet, and I’ve been just a little busy trying to find a job, worrying and fretting about I’m out how to pay my bills, applying for public assistance, etc., etc. Now I’m going to write this blog post from the heart, because, again, I don’t have to time to check all my facts and providing links to them supporting data. You get the picture.

First let me tell you that I enjoyed a successful career in public relations for many years. I’ve served in Director positions for several national associations, including one in the Washington D.C. area, where I lived and worked for eight years. It’s also where I become jaded about politics and politicians, and as I like to say I consider you all in some ways to be one big group – The Party of Politicians. That being said, I am not affiliated with any political party and consider myself an independent.

So let’s get going. It’s interesting that you lumped the rich and the poor together in the same bed! I think both groups are probably offended by that coupling, and I’m not sure either group is too happy to be together in that bed. In fact I think either would opt to sleep on the floor! And you don’t care about the rich? Well I guarantee bunches of them sure as hell as care about you! And they are helping to fund your campaign in hopes that you WILL take care of them if you are elected!

I’m not sure exactly who you mean by the “very poor,” but many of those 95% of Americans you talked about are rapidly becoming part of at least the poor! Many Americans have been out of work for one, two or even three years or more! They’ve lost their homes, filed bankruptcy – the sad stories and circumstances are endless and happening in every state. But I’m sure you know all that Mr. Romney. And maybe you even know that sometimes these folks have no choice to but to apply for public assistance for programs that were designed for the “very poor.” The problem, in my personal experience, is that the circumstances of those who once enjoyed a comfortable existence often preclude them for being eligible for assistance. I recently picked up an application for public assistance in my state. The application is 26 pages long! Some of the questions seem specifically designed to rule out people recently down on the luck. For example, you are asked if you have any retirement account funds. Now many Americans, including myself, have had to raid those accounts just to get by – and at a high price I might! That’s definitely something that needs fixing!! However, I bet even if an applicant had just a measly $70 in such an account they might be denied assistance.

So Mr. Romney, you darn well better think hard about fixing that safety net, because it needs to be much, MUCH bigger and wider, because the number of”very poor” fish landing in it is increasing at an enormous and rapid rate!

I’ll close this Mr. Romney by saying that I visited a Food Bank this week for the first time in my life – something I never in my wildest dreams thought I would have to do! As I was waiting in line, I heard there was a local TV news crew there. My first inclination was to RUN – I sure didn’t want to turn up on the evening news making my way through a food bank. However, when I was asked to be interviewed I said yes. Our story needs to be told, which is also why I write this blog.

Warm Us Up Mr. Romney!

When I crawl into bed at night Mr Romney – my covers are chilly, because the thermostat is set at about 55 degrees in my home. And when I pet my cat Jenni her fur is chilly as well, but she doesn’t seem to mind! I am lucky I don’t have to worry about a child being cold, but many in this country do and not just the “very poor!” So think about that Mr. Romney when you crawl into bed at nights between your 3,000 count thread Egyptian cotton sheets in your no doubt toasty, luxurious home.

Lisa – Talented and Professional (and just a little bit miffed) Job Seeker

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One Response to The Rich and The Poor: Strange Bedfellows Mr. Romney

  1. So glad you’re speaking out about your experiences. I was the one who recently expressed concern on LinkedIn about women needing to get political. I’m glad you are making these important connections.
    Here’s the blog I just posted.

    I wish you success with job hunting.

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