Hanging by a Thread with a Dim Light Ahead

Fri., Feb. 24, 2012: This is going to be a quick and dirty post, because I’m crunched for time! First let me say that following my last post https://jobhuntingwordnerd.wordpress.com/2012/02/20/the-rich-and-the-poor-strange-bedfellows-mr-romney/, I sent an edited version of it to Mr. Mitt Romney himself via his web page. I have not heard a single word back – not even a perfunctory form response! Interesting. Maybe Mr. Romney wants to put his insensitive “I don’t care about the poor” comments behind him!

Well things are looking up for this Job Hunting Word Nerd. I did land a couple of part-time jobs that will, I hope, keep my head above water. However, I’m still in a precarious financial doggy paddle! I’m still not sure how I’m going to pay bills until some paychecks roll in, and I’m moving out of my apartment in less than three weeks and still have no idea where I’m moving to, which is just a tad stressful! Even with the part-time jobs, I simply cannot afford this apartment any more! One challenge in finding a less expensive apartment is A) coming up with a deposit and B) meeting the requirement that you make 2.5 to 3 times the monthly rent! In addition, apartments are in demand what with so many people struggling and losing their homes. I guess I could always camp out with a friend for a while, however, not everyone loves Jenni the Cat like I do. https://jobhuntingwordnerd.wordpress.com/2011/08/08/bring-me-your-your-kids-your-dogs-your-deranged-relatives-but-not-gasp-your-cats/ 

If nothing else I could throw some comfy bedding and pillows in Barney the Purple Honda and camp out there! He’s not opposed to cats!

All that being said, I’m still in search of a career PR job or becoming a famous, or at least paid, writer! If you have any work anywhere in the good old USA or beyond, let me know. I could telecommute or relocate!

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Lisa, Talented and Professional (and soon to be homeless) Job Seeker

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One Response to Hanging by a Thread with a Dim Light Ahead

  1. Debbie Stapert says:

    Good (?) reading your blogs. If I did not have a husband, I am afraid I would be in the same situation. Finally, I took a position with lower pay; I like the work and the work makes me feel good about myself, so I will just stay at this position for awhile. After many years of job hunting and career improvements, still could not seem to run across opportunities or experienced rejection after rejection. However,the reality will sink in and it is only a matter of time we will find ourselves in the same situation of having to move; where to move is uncertain. I can add up the numbers and many costs have risen more than wages. You have a good attitude, something will come your way as long as you work like crazy while waiting.

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