Back to the Prairie: Job Hunting Word Nerd Heads North

March 28, 2012: For you long time word nerd followers, you will remember I first started writing my blog late last spring to chronicle several road trips to my home state of North Dakota in search of employment. Although those journeys did not result in job offers, they did result in multiple interviews, something that has proven hard to come by for career positions in my current home state of Colorado.

So after vacating my apartment and difficulty in finding any couches to surf due to anti-Kit Kat Jenni sentiments, along with other circumstances, I decided to head back north to the Prairie.

I depart Saturday morning and opt to mix things up and take a different route than previous North Dakota-bound trips, which generally began with a trek through desolate Wyoming. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a road trip, so in spite of my downtrodden circumstances it’s good to be road tripping again. It’s interesting to note how some states and towns tout their status or claim to fame on their welcome signs. For example, the “Welcome to Nebraska” sign says simply “The Good Life.” Now I’m sure there is good life to be had in every U.S. state. However, keeping in mind that I’ve been on the receiving end of my fair share of grief about North Dakota, Nebraska and good life don’t seem like compatible bedfellows. However, when I pass through Gering, Nebraska, a large sign says it is the home of Miss America 2011, so I guess if your idea of a good life is beautiful girls then maybe that’s the state for you! Sometimes towns like to advertise their local high school sports team. A sign in one small town I drive by says it’s the home of the something something high school Alligators, although I’m sure there has never been an alligator sighting anywhere in the depths of a Nebraska river or lake!

My home town of Devils Lake’s high school nickname was the Satans when I was in school. I’m sure there was some objection to the name by some Christian residents or local churches, but I don’t recall anyone raising a really big stink about it back in the day. However, a few decades later somebody did, and the team name was changed to the wimpy name of the Firebirds. I mean c’mon – who are you going to view as more fierce competitor – the Satans or the Firebirds?! A stink also has been raised in recent years about my college alma mater the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux, which is still being sorted out.

Anyway, I digress. After a day’s worth of driving I stop in Rapid City, South Dakota, to spend the night with a DL Satan (nickname remember) classmate. As previously mentioned, I for the life of me could not find a place to stay in Colorado for me and Kit Kat Jenni, and I have grown weary of asking if she can stay and being shot down each time. So when I roll up in front Lisa and her family’s house (where her daughter, who I have never met before, is on the porch and is the spitting image of Lisa), I resign myself to the fact that Jenni will have to sleep in the car. Lisa’s hubby, no doubt viewing the inside of my packed-to-the-gills car, asks if he can help with anything, I inform him that I don’t think I told Lisa that I had my cat with me, but that she can sleep in the car. And, to my delight, he says “oh no she’ll be fine, she can sleep in your room with you!” I am positively thrilled that finally, FINALLY I can stay with somebody who doesn’t care about the cat! About time.

Of course there is one little sticking point. The Kautzman family has a rambunctious little beagle named Hunter, who I’m told is often teased and taunted by the neighbor cats as they freely roam the neighborhood while he is confined on his long yard leash.

Note the evil cat chasing glint in Hunter's eyes!

I get Jenni safely past Hunter into our room for the night. Lisa has prepared a delicious meal and following dinner we sit down to chat with Lisa’s hubby and kids and friends. I periodically check on Jenni to ensure she hasn’t gone on some kind of destructive rampage following a long day confined in the car. On one such Kit Kat check, wily Hunter weasels his way past my foot and into the room. Every hair on Jenni stands on end, and she arches her back and gives Hunter a ferocious hiss. Hunter bolts backward and looks surprised, clearly terrified by this encounter. Jenni is one feisty little Kit Kat, not easily intimidated by man nor beast, and clearly has the upper hand in spite of her small size!

Another pretty prairie country church.

I hit the road early in the am in hopes of getting to my parent’s house in time to watch the aforementioned Sioux hockey team play their arch rival the Minnesota Gophers. The winner of this match will go on to The Frozen Four, the college hockey equivalent of the basketball Final Four tournament. Interestingly, The Frozen Four, usually held in some northern clime, will be held in Tampa, Florida, this year. I roll into my parent’s house in time for the third period with the Gophers ahead 4 to 1. Pops, aka Fast Eddie, says he has kind of given up hope of UND winning the game and is grumbling about the arch rival Gophers, calling them the Bucktooths or some silly thing.

So that’s it so far blog reading Peeps. Still broke but no longer homeless. And BOTH Kit Kat Jenni and I have a roof over our head! Thank you Mom and Dad!

If you have a job for me – writing, PR, social media, marketing communications, etc. – please keep me in mind. Kat Jenni and I would consider most any locale!

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Lisa, Multi-Talented/Faceted Job Seeker!

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