A Good Ole’ Fashioned Blizzard: Adjust to Life in My Hometown

(Following is my column, which appeared in the Tues., Jan. 8th edition of the Devils Lake Journal http://www.devilslakejournal.com/ where I am a reporter/writer. For more info about my hometown of Devils Lake, North Dakota, visit http://www.devilslakend.com/)

As I begin writing my column on a Friday morning, Devils Lake is under a blizzard warning and I am rather excited about this prospect.
I was reviewing my columns recently and I realized, and this I’m sure is no surprise to you regular readers, that I’ve been whining about winter quit a lot. So it might come as a shock that I’m excited about a blizzard!
This is the first North Dakota blizzard I’ve experienced in very long time, and you know you’re probably in for a good storm when Lake Region schools close early and evening sporting events are cancelled. Blizzard or even winter storm warnings or watches in larger cities often cause a more severe reaction.
During the eight years I lived in the Washington, D.C. area there was really only one doozy of a winter storm that shut the area down and resulted in the government being closed for two consecutive days. The day prior to the storm literally sent the area into a panic. The grocery stores were a crowded zoo with frantic shoppers in lines extending to the back of the store, and some stores ran out of things like milk and bread. Even gas stations saw a run on gas. You would have thought it was the apocalypse coming instead of a storm.
So why is it I am

excited about a blizzard? I am not really sure, however, for one thing it’s a change of pace. It’s also sort of fun to think you might get holed up for a couple of days, so you stock up on food and movies and get ready to hunker down. I love movies that involve a good winter storm. The only ones that come to mind are Stephen King movies like “The Shining.” I’m not one for horror movies, but I watched “The Shining” at a Halloween party years ago. The day after the party I went on a business trip, during which I stayed in a large, old, cavernous hotel. Let’s just say I didn’t get much sleep during that trip.

I’m thinking of movies and shows much less scary, more along the lines of “Little House on the Prairie” when Mr. Edwards braves a midwestern storm on Christmas Eve and runs into Santa Claus and is able to bring Laura and Mary their holiday gifts!

It’s Monday now, and we did get socked with a fair amount of snow – I never did hear the final tally. It also got extremely windy, creating some pretty big snowdrifts including some in front of my house. I’m lucky I have a very thoughtful neighbor who always snow blows my sidewalk after it snows! Thank you neighbor!

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