The Times They Are a Changing

Greetings blog readers and Happy Valentines Day! Many of you on Facebook know that I recently accepted a new position here in Devils Lake, N.D.. I enjoyed my reporting job at the Journal, however I couldn’t pass up a position offered to me at the Dakota Precision Ag Center at Lake Region State College. Precision ag is hotter than hot in the ag world and the center recently received two grants totaling more than $3 million.  The director Paul Gunderson, along with another new hire, an intern and myself will implement this grant and its new programs over the next couple of years. If you want to know more about the center, visit

The Journal was sad to see me go and in a way I was sad to go! They were such a great group of folks to work with and I will miss them. My boss/editor Louise actually dressed head to toe in black on my last day! Of course part of that might be that she is driving the ship alone for awhile as the sports guy made an unexpected departure. The great thing for me is that I will help them out from time to time and, at least for the time being, continue to write and have my column published in the Journal. I also have a standing invitation from the Journal’s composing department manager (whose husband just happens to be the chief of police ) to join she and Louise each Thursday night for dinner/supper at Jo’s lovely home!

Even though I am excited about my new position at the college (although at the moment somewhat stressed out adjusting to a new job), if I had my druthers the job would be located in a larger town in ND, like Fargo or Grand Forks, or even better back in my other home state of Colorado or at least in a warmer clime. However, spring isn’t far away and for now I need to throw myself into this position with all my gusto and muster and see where it takes me!

roadrunnerSo as a twist on a line from the movie “All About Eve” fasten your seat belts people and let’s hope it’s not a bumpy ride!

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2 Responses to The Times They Are a Changing

  1. Tam says:

    Congratulations! Will you continue posting blogs? I love reading them:)

  2. ljager1 says:

    Thank you! I enjoy writing them. And yes I hope to continue writing blog posts!

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