Facebook – Love it or hate it?

Following is my column, which appeared in the Tuesday, March 5th edition of the Devils Lake Journal. Although I recently left my job as a reporter/writer at the Journal, I continue to provide them with a weekly column. Writing the column continues to be one of the favorite parts of my week!

I have to admit I was a little slow to the table when it came to using and embracing Facebook. But so many people gushed about it. It’s so much fun! You’ll just love it! You HAVE to try it!

I actually signed up for FB my mistake. I think it was my niece Mallory who sent me one of my first friend requests. Not really knowing much about FB, I thought sure why not, after all my niece is young and hip, and clicked yes. Then I started exploring FB and began to enjoy reading people’s funny comments and viewing pics and all that FB has to offer.

However, over time I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with the medium. I I won’t name any names but sometimes I think people share just a wee bit too information for my liking, but then again, I don’t have to read what people post if I don’t want to. Plus there is always the option of unfriending. I’ve never unfriended anyone, but I have blocked a few people. Again no names mentioned. I think I’ve been unfriended twice. I’m not sure why. Maybe I babbled on too much about some silly thing, at least for these unfriendly unfrienders.
Another bad thing about FB is it can be addictive. Some people call it Crackbook. I find it to be that way at times. Once I post something I find myself checking it constantly to see if the little red globe appears indicating I’ve had a response. I get a little thrill when it does and just like a mouse in a drug experiment I keep coming back for more. Between that and getting involved in witty banter exchanges and viewing friend’s exotic vacation pics it can eat up a lot of time. Consequently, some people often take a leave of absence from FB. In fact, some FBers give it up for Lent.

Not everyone is an FB fan. One of my siblings thinks its dumb. One friend said of FB – I just don’t get it. Some just flat out refuse to even check it out People often think the anti-FB sentiment is a generational thing, however, it’s not always just older folks who are opposed to FB. Fast Eddie and my mom both use it. One of my former co-workers who is now retired uses it and she has more friends than I do. That’s one of the great things about FB. It’s a wonderful way to stay in touch with former co-workers, at least those that you liked. In the pre-FB era how many times when people leave a job, saying let’s stay in touch, let’s have lunch, etc., etc., and then they never talked to the people again. It’s also a great way to renew friendships, including old classmates. You can’t beat reigniting that special high school bond that is still so strong after all these years.

So here you go. A whole column about FB. I think when Betty White hosted Saturday Night Live, which was the result of an FB campaign, she said she thought FB sounded like a colassal waste of time, But then again, it got her on Saturday Night Live at the ripe old age of 89. I wouldn’t call that a waste.

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