Rocky Mountain High

This blog was published as my column in the May 7th Devils Lake Journal, where I previously worked as a reporter/writer.
It’s Friday as I write this column, and I just arrived back in the Denver metro area last night. It was a two-day journey with an overnight pit stop in Pierre, SD. I drove back in my 20-year old purple Honda Civic, aptly named Barney all those years ago when I purchased him in the Washington, D.C, area. It turns out Barney did indeed have one more trip back to CO in him. Now let’s hope he lasts at least a while longer until I find gainful employment.
The drive back was fairly uneventful. Kit kat Jenni is a great traveling companion, although there wasn’t much space for her as Barney was jam packed. The most stressful part of the journey was worrying about getting busted for my expired Colorado tags, especially after Fast Eddie said “I can’t believe you’re going to drive back to CO that way” (i.e., expired tags). So why expired? Since I was driving a different vehicle most of the time I lived in DL, I didn’t get ND tags on Barney. I had eventually planned on selling him which never happened, especially once he got buried in the snow in the back yard. As it turns out my contraband car tags and I managed to traverse four state evading the law, following which I breathed a sigh of relief when Barney and I finally drove up to my friend’s house where I am staying.
Someone at the Journal said if I continued writing my column after I returned to CO, maybe it should be named re-adjusting to life in the big city. So what are my initial thoughts on my first day? I am once again enjoying the ever changing beauty of the spectacular Rocky Mountains visible from everywhere throughout the metro area. The grass is a brilliant green with some flowers blooming, including tulips. I appreciate seeing the diverse array of shops and restaurants, and have already dined at one of my Colorado favorites, Tokyo Joes. And I am writing this from one of my favorite libraries in the region that has a vast plethora of job hunting and other resources.
So here I am back in Colorado after a year in North Dakota. The time went by so fast! I joked on Facebook recently that the first morning I woke up in Colorado I had strange dream last night that I had spent the last year working in my hometown for the local newspaper. And guess who was next to me when I woke up? Bob Newhart of course!
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One Response to Rocky Mountain High

  1. Tam says:

    I was wondering what happened to you?! Good Luck!

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