420 Friendly

I am sitting in a Starbucks in the Denver suburb of Littleton on a Friday morning as I write this column, drinking a chai tea latte. The place is packed both inside and out with at least 10 cars lined up in the drive thru lane. Starbucks is an interesting phenomenon. Fifty years ago most folks would have thought you were crazy if you said a company that sold primarily only coffee at a few bucks a pop would become a worldwide powerhouse of a company! It makes me think of a business trip I  took to the east coast with my then boss where we went into a bakery shop that only sold cupcakes. There I had hands down the best red velvet cupcake ever!! When we left the store my boss said it (the business) will never make it. I said oh I think it will, and reminded him of the Starbucks story. And I was right, because today there are a number of cupcake only shops here in Denver and other cities and even a few national cupcake store chains.

One of the things I missed while living in a small town was the sheer volume and variety of restaurants, stores and and businesses. After being gone from the Denver area for almost a year, it’s been interesting to see the new businesses that have popped up in familiar neighborhoods. One of the most noticeable additions have been the medical marijuana shops that are sprinkled throughout the area. Their visibility to me was strengthened when I was surfing craigslist on the Internet for a place to live. If you’re not familiar with craigslist it’s similar to tradio where you can buy and sell things and also look for housing. In craigslist’s rooms for rent section I noticed some ads said their homes or apartments were 420 friendly. I was stumped. What could this mean? My vivid imagination went a little crazy! I asked my Facebook friends and sure enough one friend piped up immediately saying it meant Mary Jane friendly! Mystery solved. I have to say given the rather large number of 420 friendly abodes on cragislist it appears Denverites have quite a few medical problems requiring a marijuana prescription.

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2 Responses to 420 Friendly

  1. Amber Sander says:

    To funny Lisa. 🙂

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