Just Stuff?

Following is my column, which recently appeared in the Devils Lake Journal newspaper in Devils Lake, N.D.

I’m going to get right to the point. I miss my stuff. Before I left Devils Lake I got rid of most of my stuff including all of my furniture except for my Grandma B.’s antique dresser, which is stashed in Fast Eddie’s basement along with the stuff I didn’t get rid of. I got rid of my stuff via tradio and my first ever rummage sale. I kept thinking it’s just stuff and I can get new stuff. Plus a lot of my stuff was old and I thought I wanted new stuff. But I miss it. All of it. Even though as of today I don’t have a place for most of it. Although a few of my own belongings would certainly brighten up the windowless room in the basement where I am temporarily residing and make it feel more like home.

Which brings me to the first thing I miss – my funky Ikea bed that was a pain in the you know what to move and assemble. Considering I am sleeping on a twin size air mattress bed on a hard basement floor I would settle for any kind of bed! But I just don’t miss the bed but the memories the entire bedroom set represented. My Ikea bedroom set was the first such set I had ever purchased and it was exactly what I wanted, made of light Scandinavian wood that I had seen grace the covers of home magazines swathed in gorgeous bedding in shades of white and pastels with tall windows dressed in sheer curtains letting the bright sunshune in. All in all the furniture and room had an airy, feminine feel and what is now called a shabby chic kind of look. I bought my dream furniture when I was living in the DC area. I still remember excitedly driving to pick it up in a friend’s borrowed truck. I also remember being more than just a tad mortified to learn that the furniture came unassembled with only pictures (no words) for directions!
I also miss the gorgeous, handcrafted oak table that I bought at Woodley’s furniture store when I bought my first house. And though over the years it served more as staging area for holiday decorating rather than for eating, I miss it. I also am pining for the small, light green art deco style table I bought at an antique store in Lafayette CO, my overstuffed blue love seat, chair and ottoman, my bookcase ( and books) and my plants in their pretty pots.

So why did I get rid of my stuff? Well this stuff had been stored and moved multiple times over the years, which is expensive, and It seemed cost prohibitive to do it again. In the “Father of the Bride II” movie George Banks (Steve Martin) has seller’s regret when he sells the long lived in family home and buys it back at an exorbitant cost. I don’t plan on returning to DL and tracking down all of my stuff and buying it back. But if you have any of my stuff, I ask that you please enjoy it and take care of it.

I will put waxing nostalgic about my stuff behind me and look forward to future shopping trips to acquire new stuff, which I will likely keep for many years to come.




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2 Responses to Just Stuff?

  1. Tam says:

    I love reading your blogs! Good Luck to you:)

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