Back in the Biz

I am happy to report that I am back in the newspaper biz as a reporter for a weekly newspaper in Brush, Colorado, a town about 80 miles east of Denver. Even though I have lived in Colorado for a very long time I had never visited Brush so I am looking forward to exploring this community along with nearby Fort Morgan and Sterling.

During my first week here the town and its residents have made some lasting impressions. I covered my first city council meeting where the hot topics were banning the sale of recreational marijuana (legal in Colorado) and a possible ordinance allowing backyard chickens. The town has since scheduled a community meeting about the possibility of backyard chicks and I’m looking forward to hearing what people have to say. When I posted the notice about the meeting on the newspaper Facebook page one Brush resident responded that the town’s pit bulls would likely welcome the chicks.

Moses ready to luau!

Moses ready to luau!

I’ve attended several events at a lovely retirement home called the Eben Ezer Lutheran Care Center, where one of its most prominent fixtures is a rather mangy black lab mix named Moses. Last Friday, the center held its annual luau, which was one heck of a shin dig, and Moses was decked out in a tropical shirt and a lei and wandered around the luau in hopes of scoring score of the yummy roasted pork that was served as part of the decadent luau feast!

Like many small towns throughout the U.S. high school sports are big here and even though it’s summer I’m already learning about the teams, which have a unique name – the  Beetdiggers. I think it’s a good strong name for a sports team and it makes for an interesting mascot!

sandsI’m also looking forward to taking in a movie at the historic Sands Theater, which has been restored to its original glory and where a theater treat called pickle jube is served. I am a huge fan of pickles, but pickle jube?!

One of Brush’s biggest events each year is its annual three-day rodeo held during the 4th of July. The windows of many businesses in downtown Brush are painted with colorful art murals promoting the rodeo, which as a newcomer makes me realize how much the community embraces the event. So I say let’s rodeo and Happy 4th to everyone!

newspaper office

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