Good grub

Before I left North Dakota, I wrote about some of the regional foods I was going to miss, including Old Dutch sour cream and onion potato chips, chocolate licorice , caramel rolls, knoephla soup and Fast Eddie’s rhubarb pie. Now that I’m back in my other home state of Colorado and in an area of it new to me, it’s been fun to find and sample the area’s goodies. My town of Brush has a large Hispanic population so it’s no surprise there are three Mexican restaurants in town and also several in the neighboring town of Fort Morgan. Since I’m a big fan Mexican food that makes me happy!

The local grocery store has an entire aisle of Hispanic food.

The local grocery store has an entire aisle of Hispanic food.

The Hispanic influence also is seen at the local grocery store, which has an entire row of Hispanic food items, and even the local Walmart has a fair amount of Hispanic offerings.

There is a fantastic bakery in town, which has lots of yummy baked delicacies, including some of the best glazed donuts I’ve ever had! They don’t have any  caramel rolls though, at least not North Dakota style. The bakery also makes pocket sandwiches with fillings varying daily, although they always have a cabbage pocket sandwich. I tried it and found it just to be just ok, although maybe it will grow on me. I do like cabbage, especially in the pigs in the blanket dish my Grandma Jager used to make, which was cabbage and hamburger in a tomato sauce. There is a philly cheesesteak restaurant in town, and I think their version of this famous sandwich rivals any found on the East coast!

Beetdigger smoothie.

Beetdigger smoothie.

The high school sports teams are called the Beetdiggers, representing the area’s strong agricultural roots, includes sugar beets. Several restaurants offer Beetdigger-themed items, including a local coffee shop that has a beetdigger smoothie, which I tried recently. It was super sweet with a chocolate and caramel base, but no sugar beets.

Some of the best food I’ve had so far has actually been at the Eben Ezer retirement home, which is a little surprising as one doesn’t generally think of retirement homes as being known for their excellent cuisine! One of the first events I covered here in Brush was Eben Ezer’s annual luau, and the food was to die for! The staff roasted a pig on site over an open fire (which was tended to by an Eben Ezer employee who also just happens to be the

This little piggy was (un)fortunate enough to be be roasted at the Eben Ezer annual luau.

This little piggy was (un)fortunate enough to be be roasted at the Eben Ezer annual luau.

mayor). The pork was very tender and juicy. Also on the luau spread were roasted sweet potatoes, sticky rice and grilled pineapple. I also attended a retirement party at Eben Ezer that had three large tables of amazingly tasty food, including one table solely dedicated to a chocolate fountain spread with a wide array of both salty (bacon) and sweet (angel food cake) items to drizzle with chocolate.

One local delicacy I have yet to try are pickle jubes, a snack item served at the historic movie theater, Apparently it is a frozen pickle juice product of some kind. Now I do enjoy a good, cold, crunchy pickle, but this form of a pickle might be taking it too far, but I’ve got to try it! A few years pack I tried fried pickles and they were pretty tasty. So stay tuned as I continue to seek out other tasty finds in northeastern Colorado!

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