Christmas lost and found

As I previously shared before I moved back to Colorado last spring I got rid of a lot of stuff by either selling, throwing or giving things away. I don’t think I would have done any of those things to the Christmas ornaments I’ve been collecting for the last 25 plus years. Yet when I decorated my Christmas tree a few weeks ago I couldn’t find about two thirds of my ornaments. I texted my Dad Fast Eddie and asked him to take a look around the basement where my things had been stored but they were nowhere to be found.

Some of the missing ornaments

Some of the missing ornaments

I was pretty upset about it at first. Among those lost are ornaments that were given to me as gifts, including the quirky ornaments an old boyfriend gave me for each of the five years we dated, Also lost are ornaments I had purchased on trips that were reflective of the location, such as a ball ornament from the Grand Canyon in warm, desert tones of tan, orange and brown. Also missing are the ornaments from the White House, which issues a different one each year, from the years I lived in the D.C. area. However, the one I miss the most is an ornament I made out of a gift tag that had been on a present my maternal grandmother Grandma B. had given me years ago. Grandma B. used to make homemade gift tags out of Christmas cards and the one I had made into an ornament was blue with a silver ribbon and had a picture of Mary riding a donkey being led by Joseph.

It’s not possible the ornaments are anywhere here with me because I live in a small place. However, that didn’t stop me from looking. Although I didn’t find them, I did find something that I hadn’t stumbled across in many years, a decoupage plaque I had made for Grandma B. for Christmas one year with a write up about staying at my grandparent’s house. Here is what I wrote:

Grandma and Grandpa’s House

It’s time for bed says my Grandma to my sister and I. Give your Grandpa a kiss good night.

The wood steps are cold on our bare feet as we walk to the bedroom where we always sleep when we come to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma opens the wood door and my sister and I scramble onto the twin beds in which we sleep. My bed has a steel headboard with a turquoise night lamp on it. My Grandma sits down on a wood chair between our two beds. She opens an old brown book and begins to read us a story. I snuggle between the covers and lay my head on the big soft pillow. I always love coming to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I especially like sleeping in this room. The pillows are filled with feathers and the covers are quilts.

Grandma looks up and smiles at us when she is done with the story. She tucks my sister and I in and we give her a hug before she goes downstairs. She lets me leave the turquoise lamp on. I look up at the scene on it before I go to sleep. Little Bo Peep and three fluffy sheep smile down at me.

When I read it all these years later, I can close my eyes and feel like I am back in that bedroom once again and can see my Grandma reading the book and remember how safe and warm and content I felt. It’s wonderful to be able to feel that way again all these years later. I wrapped a red ribbon around the plaque and set it under the tree. Now I have something new in my Christmas decoration collection. Something very special. Merry Christmas.

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