Love Me Some Football!

Although stereotypes about men and women are not as prevalent as they used to be, they’re still out there. For example, the general thinking for many is that all women love to shop and this is simply not the case. I do not enjoy shopping, and I also know quite a few other women who don’t. Most times I find it to be a chore. I particularly don’t like shopping malls – they’re just too big and cavernous with throngs of people and involve too much traipsing around. Don’t get me wrong, I like to have new things, particularly new shoes, but I don’t like the process of acquiring them. Even if you love to shop, many people don’t enjoy grocery shopping. When you really think about it, it’s a pretty inefficient system. You have to peruse aisles of products, put your items in your cart, then onto the conveyor belt, then into bags, then into your car, then out of your car and into your house, then out of your bags and onto your shelf or fridge. I’m exhausted just describing the process! I mean honestly you think by now we’d have figured out some Jetson-esque way to make it a little easier and less cumbersome.

Another stereotype is that women don’t like sports, particularly football. Old school thinking is that come football season husbands abandon their wives or girlfriends every Sunday to sit on the coach to watch football, drink beer and eat Doritos. However, that has changed drastically over the years. Now more likely than not women are on the couch right next to their guy and maybe upgrading the Doritos to something a little more fancy – like margaritas and nachos. You won’t find me planted in front of the TV screen for every football game no matter what the team, and I can be a fair weather fan and sometimes only watch when my favorite team is winning. However, I’ve been watching the Broncos most Sundays this season and cheering them, sometimes loudly, along. So it’s quite exciting that they’re headed for the Super Bowl in their first appearance in some 15 years. I’ve got several friends, female I might add, who live in the Pacific Northwest who have already started trash talking on Facebook about the big game.

And I’ve got my Dad Fast Eddie on board to cheer for them as well. I’ve given my Dad quite a few Broncos t-shirts over the years, including a new one just this last Christmas. I texted him after the Broncos big win and told him he better get the shirts ready for the Super Bowl. He said he thinks he has one for each quarter and for overtime as well.

denver-broncos-wallpaper,1366x768,58623 So Go Broncos! And it you’re not a big football fan, well there is always the commercials.

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1 Response to Love Me Some Football!

  1. Tam says:

    Go Broncos!!!!!!

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