Gone Goose Gone

This column appeared in the April 24th issue of the Devils Lake Journal in my hometown of Devils Lake, North Dakota.

It was about this time last year that I was preparing to leave Devils Lake and move back to Colorado. These preparations included holding my first ever yard/moving sale. Since storing and moving even a relatively small amount of household items can be expensive and some of my stuff such furniture were aging and had seen better days, I decided it was time to do a wholesale purge.

Deana still stuck in the snow last spring.

Deana still stuck in the snow last spring.

There was still snow on the ground late last April and I remember my sister saying that it might be too early in the yard sale season to get a turnout. However the Saturday morning of my sale there was already a small crowd outside my door a good hour before the sale was to begin, a hardy group of rummage sale aficionados eager for one of the first sales of the season. One item in my front yard attracted the attention of one these avid rummagers – an ornamental, concrete goose that was still firmly ensconced in a good six inches of snow in front of my north facing house. Years ago I had named the bird Deana the Duck – obviously not paying too much attention to the fact she was actually a goose. Deana had previously belonged to a friend of mine named Deana who years ago had left her in my garage when she was moving. I actually never intended to keep her, for one thing Deana must weigh a good 30 pounds. Yet she somehow managed to stay with me during my next couple of moves. I eventually decided to embrace her and put Deana on my front porch wherever I might be and begin decking her out for the holidays and seasons – shades and a straw hat in the summer and a wool scarf and cap in the winter.

Deana in my parent's front yard.

Deana in my parent’s front yard.

Even though Deana had become a fixture, like I said she weighed a ton and I figured it was time for her to find a new home, so I told the young man interested in her that she could be his at no cost if he could dig her out of the snow and ice. That tenacious guy actually tried twice throughout the day of my sale to dig her out but to no avail. Over the next week or so Deana finally did thaw out, and I brought her over the my parent’s house where she was placed in the front yard. As I have mentioned here in this column before, I’ve had my regrets since that sale about ridding myself of so much of my stuff, and I still do to this day. In the couple of short trips I’ve made back to DL during the last year, it warmed my heart to see Deana with her wry smile sitting in my parent’s front yard. So it’s no surprise that I was extremely disappointed when my Dad Fast Eddie sent me a text late last week saying someone had taken my goose from their front yard. Who would do such a thing? She actually wasn’t all that easy to spot in their yard, so the thief had to be someone who was pretty observant. I am hoping someone will read this and know something about Deana the Duck/Goose and see that she is returned to her rightful location.

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