Bedtime at Grandma’s

My grandparent's house. I took this picture several years ago, however it looks much like it did when they lived there.

My grandparent’s house. I took this picture several years ago, however it looks much like it did when they lived there.

I have wonderful memories of both sets of my grandparents, especially from around the holidays. We typically spent Christmas Eve in Devils Lake, N.D., with my paternal grandparents who tended to have a little louder, looser and larger gathering – think a fair amount of booze being consumed – than my maternal grandparents. My mother’s parents lived in a very small town called Oberon, N.D., about 30 miles from D.L., where we went for Christmas day, much more sedate and smaller affair, often including only our immediate family, as my mother’s two sisters had moved away. My sister and I also spent a week there each summer, which we looked forward to with great gusto every year. Even though my grandparents had a television I don’t remember ever watching it those weeks – although my grandparents would sometime listen to a baseball game – the Minnesota Twins – on the radio. Mostly we spent our time in this teeny, tiny town doing outdoorsy stuff such as riding horses with the neighbor girl or indoors helping my grandmother bake or cook, looking through volumes of old comic books (the Archie series), playing dress up in my mom and her sister’s old prom dresses, playing games, playing the piano – you get the idea. I vividly remember the room we slept in upstairs and my grandmother reading us bedtime stories. The room was long and narrow and we slept in twinphoto (5) beds, each on opposite ends of the room. I made decoupaged plaque for my Grandma one Christmas about those memories. Since it’s a little hard to read, here is what it says.

Grandma and Grandpa’s House

“It’s time for bed,” says my Grandma to my sister and I. “Give your Grandpa a kiss good-night.”

The wooden steps are cold on our bare feet as we walk to the bedroom where we always sleep when we come to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma opens the wooden door and my sister and I scramble onto the twin beds in which we sleep. My bed has a steel headboard with a turquoise night lamp on it. My Grandma sits down on a wooden chair between our two beds. She opens an old brown book and begins to read us a story. I snuggle between the covers and lay my head on the big soft pillow. I always love coming to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I especially like sleeping in this room. The pillows are filled with feathers and the covers are quilts.

A lamp from my Grandma's house - not the one with the sheep, but very similar.

A lamp from my Grandma’s house – not the one with the sheep, but very similar.

Grandma looks up and smiles at us when she is done with the story. She tucks my sister and I in and we each give her a hug before she goes downstairs. She lets me leave the turquoise lamp on. I look up at the scene on it before I go to sleep. Little Bo Peep and three fluffy little sheep smile down at me.

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