Young Love Leads to a Starr Christmas Wedding

Happy Holidays Blog Readers!

jackandvirginiaI wrote this story for the newspaper for this week’s Dec. 24th edition. I got the idea for the story on a Facebook page called the History of Brush (Colorado). I have been profiling historic buildings in Brush in the newspaper, and I saw an old photo on the site of a Methodist church. An FB follower had commented that her parents had been married there on Christmas Day in 1940. I called her and her sister in California, and after talking to them decided to do a story about their parents Virginia and Jack, who had passed away in recent years. I interviewed the sisters’ cousin, who still lives in Brush, who was the ring bearer in the wedding (yes ring bearer) and a woman named Miriam, who knew the young couple when they were in high school. Miriam is my go to person for Brush history and is a vibrant, funny lady full of energy. Virginia and Jack’s story was, as Miriam said, beautiful love story, and as the sisters said of their parents who were married for nearly 70 years “they were totally in love to the very end.”

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