Pickleball, and oh Corned Beef

Brush CO St. Paddy's Day Fun Run 2013.

Brush CO St. Paddy’s Day Fun Run 2013.

I recently wrote an article for the newspaper I work for about its annual St. Paddy’s Day Run, which is coming up this weekend. The poster for the event said proceeds would go to benefit new tennis courts and pickleball. That’s all the poster said was “pickleball,” which intrigued me as I had never heard of pickleball and also the fact that I am huge fan of pickles in all forms, so of course any reference to pickles is bound to attract my attention. So I did a little research and it turns out the pickleball sport has been around for quite some time, but has recently become extremely popular among the over 50 set. And having recently had a birthday that moves me further into the 50 set I had to do a little pickelball research. So if you also are not familiar with pickeball and would like to learn more you can google it of course or read my article, which provides a brief description of pickeball and also the upcoming St. Paddy’s Day race in Brush, which last year featured some killer corned beef and cabbage, this coming
Killer corned beef and cabbage.

Killer corned beef and cabbage.

from a person who is not particularly fond of the dish. I will have to find out who is the St. Paddy’s Race corned beef chef in little old Brush.


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