It’s Not Because He’s Republican, Stupid

Get over it. Shut up. Quit whining. It’s payback time, we put up with a Democrat for the last eight  years. You diehard Republicans don’t get it. For that matter diehard supporters of either party. You assume if someone is critical of a Republican or vice versa we support the other party. Not necessarily so. You Trump supporters also don’t get why people who didn’t vote for him are so upset. As an Independent over the years I have voted for both Democrats and Republicans – again something the diehards would never dream of doing, although some Republicans did in this election, which speaks volumes. When I look at a candidate I consider a lot of factors. First and foremost I want them to be a decent human being who respects others and who I think will do good things for this country. That should just be a given, especially the respect others part. Donald Trump does not fit that bill and in such a grossly exaggerated way.

So I am going to be a little upset if he wins. And he did. If you’re a Trumpster you’re going to strongly disagree with me. So be it. But don’t you dare tell me how I should feel, or think or speak. But yet you continue to do so. When I told someone I was disappointed they told me to be excited. People are saying, in a general sense, get over it and shut up. So in the spirit of the wise words of the Dixie Chicks, don’t tell me to just shut up and sing, or in this case just shut up and live.

And if you are upset by the headline of this post because you think I am insulting you if you voted for Trump, then google it. Something people who supported both candidates should have done far more of during the election.
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