Roku Me Some Gilmore Girls

In 1983 my first real job out of college was as a communications (PR) assistant with an international export market development organization in Denver. At the time the office was being automated, fully computerized for the first time. As the youngest member of our small staff, I had the highest level of computer knowledge, which in truth was at best mildly moderate, Nonetheless, I became somewhat of our resident computer expert. I trained other staff on software, mainly word processing and database management, and answered general computer questions as best I could. Apparently my computer knowledge was so profound that I was sent to our office in Hamburg, Germany, for several weeks to help that office with computer stuff. All these years later my memory is a little fuzzy on exactly what I did – something database related I think.

old-tvIt’s safe to say these questionable computer skills did not advance nor did knowledge of anything techie. In fact I was rapidly left in the dust. Truth be told I am quite techie challenged and find all of it rather bewildering. I have not kept up with the latest and greatest of techie stuff. It was just a few years ago that I got rid of my fat old school TV (by putting it on the sidewalk with a FREE take me away sign) and just six months ago added a DVR into the cable mix.

My techie knowledge was challenged again, when I heard that new episodes of the Gilmore Girls would be available on Netflix. I figured all I had to do was sign up again for Netflix, get the DVDs in the mail and I would be good to go! Not so. I consulted with some friends and found out my beloved Gilmore Girls would be streaming on Netflix. Streaming? Surely Lorelei would also have been confused. You can stream them on your laptop, a friend said, or a Notepad or even your phone. After a 12-year absence, watch brand, spanking new Gilmore Girls on a laptop, or even worse a small Notepad or phone. I don’t think so. it would definitely not do it justice. At least for me.

It was time for a shout out to my friends on FB – how do I watch the new Gilmore Girls on my TV? Do you have Roku, a friend asked. Now if she would have spoken these words to me I might have thought she said do you have a raccoon? This would have been equally confusing, because I had no idea what Roku was – the Japanese word for raccoon?

I did a little research and got the general gist of the thing – it allows your TV to access the Internet. Thank you Mr. Printer guy at work for putting it into simplistic terms. I headed to Target to buy me some Roku. With the help of a cute young sales guy, I finally found the Roku in the dizzying array of Target techie items. I asked him what the difference was between the two available Rokus. He said well one thing was how do you want to use it? I just want to watch the new Gilmore Girls I said.


Twenty four hours later the Roku is connected (not without a little frustration and hair pulling), and I am all set to watch the new Gilmore Girls, which like many I have been waiting for with high anticipation for some time.

ggSo why all the fuss about the Gilmore Girls? I did not watch the Gilmore Girls when it aired live from 2000 to 2007, although I remember hearing lots of good buzz about it. At the time I thought I didn’t know if a show about a young mother with a teenage daughter would be the thing for me, not having a daughter or kids. It was about five years or so ago that I finally saw an episode in reruns, and I was immediately hooked. I’ve since watched all seven seasons multiple times, and again and again find them enjoyable and satisfying on so many levels.

I am not alone in watching the Gilmore Girls post run. One of my nieces in North Dakota img_1010has been binge watching the Gilmore Girls. I am sure there are many more. Even my celebrity crush Jimmy Fallon, showing that the series is not just a chick thing, is binge watching and has been offering witty commentary about the Gilmore Girls on his show.

Just what is it about the Gilmore Girls that is so appealing to so many people? Well it’s funny, amusing. It has interesting family dynamics, including two mother/daughter scenarios. It has romance, both for younger and older folks. It has the character of Rory, which at the time it first aired there weren’t many of in a TV series – a smart, kind of nerdy AND also very pretty girl all rolled into one. There is the charming small town setting with lots of feel good things in it – including a cozy diner where everybody knows your name and Lorelei and Rory chug gallons of coffee and consume massive amounts of burgers and fries. There are all the quirky and highly lovable town residents. But I think what might be most appealing for me, and many, is the rapid, witty, well written dialogue often loaded with pop culture references.

download-2The four new episodes will air the day after Thanksgiving. I was listening to NPR this week, which is doing a series where people call NPR and express their thoughts on gathering with family and friends in this still contentious post-election atmosphere. One woman with two young children said she would not be spending either upcoming holiday with her parents due to what she perceived to be virulent political comments made by them on Facebook. Her words made me sad.

Whether you are boycotting your relatives this Turkey Day or the day leaves you tense or angry or sad after political Turkey Talk – which I hope neither scenario of is the case – there is always the new Gilmore Girls to watch. And remember although over the years the girls and their family have had some pretty heated family arguments, anger and periods of time not talking to each other, in the end they always come together and still love each other.

Lastly, thank you to my friend Shurette, who told me about Roku, for reminding me that it’s Roku, not Raku, preventing it from appearing incorrectly in this post!

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