Why? Why Not Minot

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a few years now. Why? Because I am intrigued and a little perplexed why people keep visiting a post I wrote more than five years ago called “Why Not Minot”  At the time, I was living in Colorado and job hunting in my home state of North Dakota. I had an interview at a library in Minot that resulted in the “Why Not Minot” post. The post was really more about job hunting than it was about Minot, although I did provide some information about Minot and how it got the moniker Why Not Minot. To learn why, visit the original post.

One question I have is how do people find the “Why Not Minot” post? My blog does not have a large following – far from it. If you google the words why not Minot, you have to click several pages in to see the link to my post. And why click on it? There is nothing very intriguing about the few sentences that appear. Also, how did it end up popping up in the search engine results for Why Not Minot? Maybe if I knew that I would have more people reading my blog.



Nonetheless, people have been regularly clicking on “Why Not Minot” for years now. Every year. Every month. Almost every week.

I wonder what the people reading my “Why Not Minot” are looking for? Nobody has posted any comments for quite some time, so I really don’t know. All of these musings have left me feeling compelled to share a little more information about Minot.

Minot is not far from the geographical center of North America, located in Rugby ND.
Minot is the hometown of Hollywood Hottie Josh Duhamel, who I understand visits ND quite regularly. He recently appeared in a TV advertising campaign promoting ND.
There is a large U.S. Air Force base located in Minot
Minot, like the rest of ND, can be downright frigid in the winter
During Prohibition, Minot was apparently a hotbed for Al Capone’s liquor smuggling operations (this is new news to me)
Minot is the home to the North Dakota state fair
Minot is where my Devils Lake ND hometown bestie Shelley and I used to go to the state high school track finals

I know that’s not much, but that’s all for now. Stay tuned for more Minot ND Why Not Minot highlights.

And please do let me know what you’re looking for when you read my “Why Not Minot” blog posts.

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2 Responses to Why? Why Not Minot

  1. Chris says:

    People check your “Why not Minot” post, because the phrase “Why Not Minot?” is a bit of a meme, or joke, within the Air Force. So when somebody is googling the phrase (because of the joke) your blog post is one of the first things that pops up because of the title. As somebody that never stepped foot in ND, I do have a question. Is “Why not Minot?” a slogan the city pushes? I found a video from 2010 titled “Why Not Minot?” that tried to woo businesses to the city, and I’m curious if that’s where the phrase came from.

    • ljager1 says:

      Thanks for your comment Chris. The “Why Not Minot” phrase goes way, way back to when I was growing up in ND. Here’s what I said about the phrase in my first “Why Not Minot” blog post.

      “Minot is known as the Magic City and also part of the phrase “Why Not Minot?” Apparently it’s not meant to be a positive saying. Instead it means – why not? Because it’s too cold. Or why not? Because (if you’re from a big city) the perception is there is not much there. A large air force base is located just outside of Minot, and I suspect that is where the saying originated,”

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