tiny Grilling

imagesCAU2PTDUI have been writing this blog for more than six years now. Those of you who have been following it from the beginning know that it started out as a job hunting blog (happy to report I have been gainfully employed for quite some time now). It then morphed into kind of a small town life blog. Then I moved to California a couple of years ago, and it’s been all over the place material-wise (a blog without a theme) with not quite so many posts.

In California I live in a small (overpriced) apartment with a nice little deck/patio area, where, until recently, I have not been able to enjoy grilling, truly one of my all time, hands down favorite things to do. That is with the exception of the ill-fated  (and slightly embarrassing) charcoal grilling incident. Before moving to California, I was living in Brush CO on the Eastern Plains in a duplex with a spacious yard, where I could freely use a charcoal grill (although over the years I have used both charcoal and gas).


Even though apartment regs in my current abode prohibit the use of charcoal grills, awhile back I thought I’d give it a whirl (shhhhhh!!!!). It was a disaster. The patio is enclosed on three sides and IMG_1393smoke was billowing out of the grill to the point that the guy who lives above me came out on his patio and yelled down at me “Is everybody all right down there? I’m smelling a lot of smoke!” To which I replied, “yes I’m fine” in an irritated voice and hoped he, or somebody else (or all the smoke), wouldn’t rat me out to the apartment police!

Fast forward about a year, and I finally recently bought myself a spiffy new apartment patio size gas grill at Home Depot. I was thrilled when I purchased it, totally psyched when I picked it up and pleased as punch when co-worker Oliva helped me lug it up my two flights of stairs. (Side note: Olivia has been given the charcoal grill since she recently purchased a home with a big open yard, sans any grilling regs.)


Since I was so over the moon excited about my new grill acquisition and the idea of grilling again, I decided to make that my new blog focus – grilling – tiny style. I certainly am no grilling expert, but I have several tried and true recipes that I will share and will test out plenty of new ones. I hope you will come along for the ride!

I finally fired up the shiny stainless steel new toy on, appropriately, the 4th of July. More on that later.

IMG_1397 (1)

Oh and the grill has a name – Jagar – courtesy of Home Depot who misspelled my name on their pickup tag.




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6 Responses to tiny Grilling

  1. Tiny Grilling! Awesomeness! Can’t wait to see what you cook up on here … don’t forget to send a little grilling love to us vegetarians, too! 🙂

  2. pat says:

    looking forward to your recipes!

  3. Dawn Salisbury Stoe says:

    You’ll love grilling again! My 16 year old son has recently started grilling veggies. Every kind of veggie. He just tried grilled pineapple and loved that too.

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